"Serving consumers, distributors & producers,
with outstanding innovation strategy and implementation."

We worked on these recent successful launches

Organic + vegan

Launch in natural food stores and box schemes – Europe Wide

Gluten Free

Launch in natural food + frozen food stores + wholesalers, along with broad range ambient and frozen products.

Halal for everybody

Launch in Dutch supermarkets Albert Heijn + Jumbo

How can we help you launch your product?

– Develop effective innovation strategy
– Empathy market research → deep consumer insights
– Identifying ‘ white space’ and choosing effective ‘positioning’
– Outstanding practical product management. Thinking and doing
– Brand organisation and communication
– Accountmanagement and sales
– Ensuring sustainable, traceable, reliable supply chain integrity
– Taking account of new legal requirements (e.g. packaging)

How to launch a new poduct!?

We work according to our Empathy Marketing Methodology. You can find out more by ordering our books on the subject here.

Alternatively, you can make an appointment

Market Endeavour has been helping introduce new products, with partners and clients, since 1997, for example:

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